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Are open-box items new or used?

New! When we here at BOSS use the term "open box" we refer to brand new products. These items may or may not have cosmetic flaws but they have never been used, so they are new products.

New appliances that may or may not have visible or hidden cosmetic flaws.

What is an open box item?

An open-box item is an appliance that is sold without its original packaging. It may or may not have cosmetic flaws.

Are open-box items new or used?

When we here at BOSS use the term open box we refer to new units. These units may or may not have cosmetic flaws but they are not used.

Why should people shop at BOSS, rather than other appliance stores that sell the same new items still in the box?

If you are not concerned about open boxes or hidden flaws on the appliances, then you can save lots of money on your purchase. If we have what you are looking for, then why not save big bucks?

What if an appliance has a large hit on the front?

The customer can purchase the unit "as is" and save big. Or if the part is available and the customer requests it, then BOSS can change the part at an additional small cost so there are no visible flaws.

Can we order the appliances we need from you in advance?

One thing we love about our business model is that every day is a surprise for us. As an open box, scratch and dent appliance, and electronics retailer, we don’t know what kind of new inventory we will be getting each morning. Every time a truckload of new products arrives, it's like opening a gift as we do not know what is inside. That’s why our inventory changes on a regular basis and we tell our customers the best way to find what they are looking for is to check us out in person or send us an email.

Do your appliances come with any kind of warranty?

Yes, all of our appliances carry a minimum one-year warranty. Who provides the warranty depends on what is being purchased. It will either be from Boss Wholesale directly or the manufacturer. Customers also have the option to purchase extended warranties on any appliance purchase. This would bring the warranty to a total of 5 years.

Is Samsung the only brand you sell?

No, but Samsung is our largest supplier and best deals.

Do you offer delivery?

Delivery is offered by a third-party company. BOSS does not do the deliveries but can offer a company to do this for you at a completive rate.

Do the appliances get brought into the house when they are delivered?

Yes, the delivery company puts the units in the home wherever you need them to be placed.

Does the delivery team install the appliances?

The only appliances the delivery team installs are washers and dryers which they include in their delivery fees as a courtesy. Most other appliances will require a professional like a plumber, gas fitter, or electrician.

Do you have people who can install appliances?

We have companies that we can pass along to assist in this process.

How come no one answered the phone when I called? I tried 3 times!

Please leave a message! This is very important! If we are helping customers we give them our complete attention and will not excuse ourselves to answer the phone. We do however check our messages and return those calls as soon as we are free.

I would like to order a standard fridge, what do you have in stock?

Unfortunately, when it comes to fridges there is no such thing as a standard size. It is important to know what space the fridge fits into. You need to know the maximum width, height, and if depth is an issue.

Are all of your appliances refurbished?

No. At BOSS we define refurbished as used, so the answer to this would be no. We sell new in box, we sell package damage and we have scratch and dent. We do get some used appliances but these units would be only for those who make the request for used or refurbished.