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Who We Are

Since 2006, we've been helping our customers in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver area to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on brand-new appliances and electronics. As a scratch and dent and open box appliance sales specialist for over 18 years, we can confidently claim that our prices cannot be beat! Not to mention our 1-year warranty for all items we sell (*some conditions apply).

Cosmetic flaws or not, we've got the best prices in town. Guaranteed!

Because we are the only ones who do this... Being in an open box appliances and electronics sales business for over 18 years means we have access to various great business-to-business, also known as B2B, deals daily. We pass the savings on to you. It's that simple.

How do we help you save big on your next new appliances and electronics?

Let's say a gigantic big box retailer sells appliances and their floor model of a fridge gets a ding in the door. Clearly, the fridge still works but can no longer be sold as "new". We would receive the fridge from the company, put a new door on it, and sell it directly to you as a much lower price than you would have initially paid. Or, leave the ding in and sell it at an even cheaper price! Maybe the ding was even on the side of the fridge that will be up against your cabinet and you won't see it, anyway. Some people don't care about cosmetic flaws and this is where you can save a lot of money on your appliances.

Authorized Samsung Salvage Center & Service Agent

We are an exclusive authorized salvage center for Samsung in Western Canada. This means any scratch-and-dent, open-box, demo units, and all kinds of returned Samsung products (except cell phones) west of Winnipeg come to us. Our authorized service technicians and geek team inspect them, 100% fix or remedy any problem, if there is any, thoroughly test it per strict industry standards, and pass the good-as-new product on to you at significant savings.

So, buying almost the same condition as brand new, in-box items at unbeatable cheaper prices is indeed a smart move.

We are also an authorized service agent for Bosch and Blomberg Appliances, as well as an out-of-warranty service provider for qualifying Samsung products.

We may be biased, but our customers tell us that we provide outstanding service and offer fantastic prices! Many of those customers have given us tons of repeat business and great word of mouth, our best advertising! Otherwise we wouldn't still be in business for over 18 years and continue to grow.

Allan Wells (left) & Jimmy Aguiar
BOSS Wholesale Owners

Allan Wells & Jimmy, owners of Boss Wholesale

I'm Chilli, the Greeter-in-Chief at BOSS Wholesale

Nice to meet you! My job is to say Hello to you when you visit our beautiful showroom located right at the border between Surrey and Langley. I am 3 years old. My Daddy is Bernese Mountain Dog and my Mommy is Saint Bernard. Say Hi to me when you are here, feel free to give me a pat on my head and I promise I don't bite.

Not a dog person? That's cool too, I will just be Chilling here on my own:-)

32,000 sq. ft. Savings Wonderland

New appliances for a whole lot less, how cool is that, eh?

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